Scalable and Agile

Through our methodology, we build enterprise applications and systems using the latest technologies and frameworks in the industry. Using a modular approach, we ensure that systems are scalable, agile, and highly maintainable. Some technologies include:

  • Microsoft Web Technology Stack
    • WEB API with HTML5 combined with open-source JavaScript technologies, such as AngularJS and KnockoutJS, for high-performance and responsive enterprise Web applications.
    • MVC applications using TDD.
    • Single-page enterprise web applications (SPA) for ultimate UX.
  • Microsoft Windows
    • Support infrastructure with Windows foundational services and desktop applications. We build services and applications that can provide core and complementary functionality to existing systems.
    • Integrate Windows platform services using SDKs and APIs.
    • Other offerings include WPF, WCF, Windows Forms, Windows Services, Entity Framework and SharePoint.
  • Java
    • Scalable Java applications driven with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JSON.
  • Oracle
    • With Oracle's vast selection of technologies, we choose the right combination for your enterprise. We will work with you in the Oracle decision-making and building process. Our services include expertise in: Oracle SOA Suite, WebLogic Server, and WebCenter, database programming, Business Intelligence Publisher. We also provide services for Oracle Forms and Reports.
  • Cloud
    • The cloud offers the benefit of a powerful infrastructure for your business to build on. Great for new businesses—great for existing businesses—in realizing extraordinary cost, operational and development benefits. if you’re just starting out, or extending your enterprise, our team of architects and developers can meticulously build your infrastructure and application ecosystem 'in the cloud.'
  • IBM
    • iSeries WebSphere solutions. AS/400 transitions.