User-centric and holistic approach

Your enterprise systems do not need to “just work.” For ultimate productivity and competitive advantage, enterprise systems should be built for high-performance at all levels: employees, customers, and core business. While we may use common industry standard architecture frameworks—such as, TOGAF, Zachman, Appian (at the application level), and others—our strength lies in our customized user-centric approach.

Whether it is creating a specific application, transitioning, or creating a whole system, our methodology covers all requisites of your enterprise:

  • Architectural SOA-based style for rapid implementation of new and changing business services, and scalability.
  • Application-level security, as well as choosing the right security product for your enterprise, e.g., cloud-level or platform integration.
  • Creativity in design and user-centered heuristics.
  • Performance assurance testing from the start, and highly productive QA and business analysis of “what works best” via test driven development (TDD).
  • Correlated database design to complement fast application development and maintenance.
  • One size does not fit all. Precision in choosing the right combination of enterprise technologies and/or third-party providers to integrate according to your business needs.